Please refer to the sizing and measurement graphics below and follow these guidelines in order to ensure a comfortable & accurate fit.

Please do not refer to retailers waist dimensions as accurate.
Ensure a proper fit by accurately measuring yourself with a tape measure.

Measure around the neck at it’s base where shirt fits.

This measurement is taken from the neck point (collar seam on the shoulder along the shoulder and down the outer sleeve to the cuff edge).

Chest: Men
Measure around chest high up Under arms with chest relaxed.

Chest: Ladies
Measure over bust on chest, High up under arms with chest relaxed.

Waist (belt)
Keep your forefinger on the inside of the tape and measure where you are comfortable wearing the belt of your pants.

Inside leg
Measure from the top of the inside leg from the crotch to the floor.

Outside leg
Measure from where you wear your belt on your pants to the floor.