"Nou jaaaa, vanaand moet ek dankie sê vir die ingenieurs en ontwerpers by BMW Motorad en Xculcha. Na 52 meter se teerpad low-side slide, sit ek vanaand rustig en sluk 'n glasie rooiwyn en tel my seëninge met niks meer as 'n kneusplekkie hier en daar nie. Sterkte vir die manne wat die KTM moet fix..."

Jacques Holtzhausen


"I wish to tell the world that Xkulcha rocks through and through and I will always buy my gear from them without thinking twice. Not only are your products grand quality your service is unparalleled.

Big up to the Xkulcha team - you guys rock!"

Ebrahim Dithagiso


"A big thanks for your excellent support and quality products. The pants needed repair after my accident and you replaced it free of charge - never heard of such a deal." 

Wallie du Toit 


"Carry on what you guys are doing, you are saving lives! I and my family express our deep gratitude in the quality and performance of "simple" rain pants. "

Kyle Meyer

Dear Xkulcha

I locked the front wheel and went down a lot harder than I imagined possible for a slow speed fall. 

Steel capped boots were totalled, gloves badly torn, jacket had holes in and the Xkulcha easy overs showing every place they saved my skin! The amazing thing was I was not a hospital case, paramedics checked me out and sent me off in the care of my friends.

I went to go buy a replacement pair, and was astonished to be told they're complimentary! I will never ride without my Xkulcha easy overs again!

David Midlane

The motorcycle ramped skywards and when it came down my left knee made first contact with the tar and became the primary energy dispersion point.

Even though my Tibia fractured, the knee padding of the XKulcha Biker X jeans prevented irreparable bone damage and I broke no skin i.e. not a single drop of blood was shed.

It was the way the Xkulcha Biker X protected me that sold me on ensuring my next riding pants would be the same, albeit a size larger.

Thank you XKulcha.”

Ian Pietersen

Hi. I just want say thanks for your amaizing products.

I was involved in an accident when a driver turned right in front of me at an intersection. I connected with the car and went flying over the bonnet.

Somehow my left knee smashed the car's windscreen. I sustained a broken left knee and dislocated left shoulder. If it wasn't for my pants i think my knee would have been badly injured. There isn't a single trace of damage on my dakar pants. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Fritz Mulder